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Lawn Care

Lawn care

Lawn care is one of the key ingredients for good garden maintenance ensuring that your lawn stays vibrant and healthy throughout the year. Greenspace Landscapes provides a professional lawn care service in Edinburgh and the surrounding area utilizing only organic and sustainable methods which will maintain and improve the health and appearance of your lawn naturally. Our experience and expertise in lawn care and garden maintenance combined with our commitment to organic gardening guarantees that your lawn is in the best possible hands with our lawn care programme.

To book a FREE lawn care health check contact the Greenspace team here.

Lawn care programme

Spring: This will be your lawn’s first treatment of the year allowing it to revive after the winter months and preparing it for summer. At this time of year we will also check for moss on your lawn.

Early summer: The second treatment of the year will thicken up your lawn promoting healthy roots and a vibrant green sward. We will also check for weeds at this stage.

Late summer: The ongoing lawn care process will continue to promote a healthy green sward for your lawn throughout the summer. Natural wetting agents may be required in late summer to combat periods of dry weather.

Autumn: The fourth lawn care treatment encourages root development and growth to help protect against frost and promote disease resistance keeping the lawn healthy and strong for the onset of winter.

Winter: The final treatment provides a much needed boost of oxygen in times of stress or where high moisture levels are detrimental to healthy soil and plant life. If the weather permits aeration can be done at this time of year as part of the lawn care process to keep your lawn moss free.

Individual lawn care services

As well as our annual lawn care programme, Greenspace Landscapes can offer a range of individual lawn care services throughout the year. These include:

Lawn repair: Spring/Summer/Autumn > If your lawn is damaged or badly worn, we can revive it by cultivating and amending the soil to establish a new lawn from seed or turf. This process involves re-seeding techniques specific to lawn care.

Aeration: All year round > Aeration is a lawn care technique which stimulates strong root growth and relieves compaction. We offer solid or hollow tine aeration and ensure that cores which are produced are collected and not left on the lawn.

Top dressing: Spring/Autumn > A top dressing can be applied to your lawn after the aeration process. This improves the quality of the soil in your lawn as well as stimulating growth to help combat the onset of weed and moss infestation.

Scarification: Spring/Autumn > This process concentrates on removing dead matter from your lawn. Without scarification this dead matter can make your lawn look matted and harder to cut. Scarification prevents your lawn from becoming a breeding ground for pests and diseases and promotes a vibrant and healthy appearance.

Leaf removal: Autumn/Winter > Fallen leaves can suffocate and deprive your lawn of much needed autumn light. We can collect leaves and remove for composting giving your lawn the best chance of staying healthy throughout the winter months.

Best possible service

As well as our own highly-qualified gardeners, Greenspace Landscapes lawn care service is supported by professional sports turf agronomists utilising the same methods and products for high quality, environmental and sustainable lawn care and turf grass management.

Additional garden maintenance services

Greenspace Landscapes also offers a wide variety of additional garden maintenance services including professional pruning, border care and weed control. Information on our full range of garden maintenance services can be found here.

We also provide fully customised and professional garden maintenance and lawn care services for a variety of commercial customers throughout Edinburgh and the surrounding area. More information on our commercial gardening services can be found here.

Lawn care expertise – the facts

All living plants receive nourishment from hidden soil life microbes. These are microscopic bacteria, fungi and protozoa that work in a unique symbiotic relationship with plants by maintaining a vibrant and healthy soil environment. These hidden microbial communities are essential for healthy soils working in a perfect natural harmony.

When inorganic fertilisers and pesticides are applied to your lawn a form of chemical warfare is waged on your garden diminishing the vital soil and plant microbes required to keep it healthy. The more inorganic fertilisers and weed-and-feeds that are applied to your lawn the faster the hidden soil microbes are eliminated causing an ever-accelerating decline of soil and plant health.

Feeding the hidden microbes in your lawn with a well-balanced organic food source helps to promote the natural symbiosis between plant and microbes. Finding the right balance of air, water and light, the three main fertilizers essential for soil and plant health, is key to ensuring the health and vibrancy of your lawn and producing the ideal soil texture, structure, moisture and pH levels. By doing this, Greenspace Landscapes provides the optimum lawn care solution for maintaining vibrant, healthy lawn grass with increased tolerance in periods of stress, such as cold and heat.

Next Steps

To book a FREE lawn care health check or for more information about our lawn care services in Edinburgh and the surrounding area please contact us here.