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Landscape Gardening

Landscape gardening

Our team of professional landscape gardeners in Edinburgh and the surrounding area are dedicated to creating high quality landscape gardens customised to your individual wishes and requirements.

However large or small your space is, the Greenspace landscape gardeners can create and manage all aspects of your garden construction. We are experienced at working with unique locally-sourced new and reclaimed natural materials and can source any plant you require for your finished garden. As highly trained landscape gardeners we apply our expertise in all areas of gardening as well as a high level of craftsmanship to create relaxing and inspiring landscape gardens for you to enjoy.

Planning your landscape garden

Planning is one of the most exciting stages of any landscape gardening project when you can imagine your space in any one of a million different ways. To help get you started, the Greenspace landscape gardeners have put together some of the key elements you should be thinking about when planning your landscape garden. These are just some of the main features of any garden project and we can help you develop and expand your ideas in any way you wish.

For those in the early stages of the planning process, Greenspace Landscapes offers a complete garden design service from initial consultation right through to the construction and after care of your garden. More information on each stage of our comprehensive garden design service can be found here.

Garden structures

Garden structures can be used to add height and dynamics to your garden by creating new levels or striking features. They are also a good way of creating privacy in a landscape garden and can be designed to blend effortlessly into the natural surroundings. Alternatively, you may want to use structures simply to provide a practical surface for entertaining or relaxing in your garden. Our landscape gardeners are adept at constructing garden structures in any material you choose be it wood, stone, metal or brick and we can also source materials for you. The material you choose for your garden structures will have a strong influence on the style and character of your landscape garden.


Trees, shrubs, herbaceous plants and lawns are all essential features of any landscape garden adding a softer, natural touch to the landscape and bringing your garden to life. This is often the most important aspect of creating a dream garden and our landscape gardeners can work with you to design and implement planting schemes which perfectly match the ambience and aesthetics you are trying to achieve. With extensive horticultural expertise and experience we take into account the soil conditions in your garden as well as the local habitat and any garden maintenance needs you may have. We are also able to source any plant specifically for your garden.

Water features

Water has a captivating and relaxing natural quality which adds both life and tranquillity to your garden. As with garden structures, water features come in all shapes, sizes and materials and can be designed to create a striking impression or blend in to the surrounding environment to suit your tastes. The use of water features should always be considered when planning a landscape garden and can be incorporated into any space however large or small.

Lighting features

Lighting features in a landscape garden can be used to enhance the atmosphere and ambience of the space or function as attractive aesthetic elements in their own right. Lighting is also a good way of highlighting key features and focal points in your garden and can be combined exquisitely with water features or other garden structures. On a practical level, lighting features maximise the use of your garden into the evening and provide night time views of the garden all year round.

Furnishing and sculptures

Pots, fabrics, furniture and sculptures are often more of an afterthought when planning a landscape garden but by thinking about these in the initial stages and incorporating them into your garden design you can create a truly integrated landscape garden. Furnishing and sculptures add colour, shape, texture and personal style to your garden and our landscape gardeners will be happy to advise and assist you in these areas along with the rest of your landscape garden.

The Greenspace landscape gardeners can help with all aspects of garden design and construction providing continued advice and support throughout the entire construction of your garden. Plus, take a look at our range of garden maintenance services including professional lawn care to see how we can help to ensure that your garden continues to thrive long after the initial construction is completed.

Next Steps

For more information about all our landscape gardening services in Edinburgh and the surrounding area and to discuss your individual requirements please contact us here.