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Grow Your Own

Grow your own vegetables

Growing your own vegetables has become an increasingly popular pastime in Scotland with vegetable plots appearing in gardens and allotments up and down the country. However, whether you’re starting a vegetable plot in your own garden or have taken up allotment gardening, knowing where to begin with a grow your own scheme can be overwhelming with so many options and plenty to consider when planning and maintaining your plot.

Our professional gardeners in Edinburgh and the surrounding area can help you to understand the process of growing your own vegetables better and assist in the planning and maintenance of a grow your own garden, however large or small. Our commitment to organic gardening and extensive horticultural expertise will enable you to get the most out of growing your own vegetables and can save you valuable time and money by creating a sustainable and environmentally friendly grow your own plot.


The team at Greenspace Landscapes can help and advise you on the planning of your grow your own vegetable garden or plot. We will discuss with you which crops you want to grow and eat, the soil conditions in your plot and the space you have available. A greenhouse can extend the growing season, but is not essential if you don’t have the space. We will then suggest a customised plan and schedule for your grow your own garden to suit your individual requirements.

Soil preparation

Soil preparation is key to a successful grow your own vegetable garden. We will assess the soil and pH level in your plot in order to determine which vegetables are best suited to your soil and make recommendations on this basis. This will help to overcome any problems you may encounter when growing your own vegetables. We can also improve the quality of your soil in accordance with your requirements using only traditional and organic gardening methods.

Crop rotation

A crop rotation schedule can also be implemented during the planning stage of your grow your own plot. Crop rotation is an organic pest control method that keeps soil born diseases at bay. It also helps to keep the soil structure in good condition and will avoid the depletion of vital nutrients from your soil.

Companion planting

Alongside crop rotation, companion planting is another natural pest control which encourages beneficial insects into your grow your own garden. These will either eat or deter any harmful pests that may affect your crops. Organic planting schemes such as this can be achieved by adding specially selected flowers and herbs to your plot and using vegetables which support each others’ growth. The Greenspace Landscape gardeners will be happy to advise and assist in the development and implementation of crop rotation and companion planting schemes to help you get the most out of your crops.

Maintenance and advice

Once the planning and preparation stages are completed you will have given yourself the best possible start to growing your own vegetables. But the Greenspace Landscapes grow your own service doesn’t have to stop there. We can help you with sowing your crops and organising your plot or allotment. Plus, there are plenty of tasks to be done when growing your own vegetables such as watering, weeding, feeding and mulching which may take up more time than you have on your hands. Our team can support you in the maintenance and aftercare of your vegetable garden allowing you to enjoy the process whenever you can and continue to benefit from the fresher, tastier and more sustainable organic vegetables you will achieve in your grow your own vegetable garden. Alternatively, if you are happy to go it alone, we can provide you with a maintenance manual and ongoing advice for as long as you need it.

Greenspace Landscapes also offers a variety of additional garden maintenance services including organic lawn care, professional pruning and weed control for those in search of a comprehensive and customized garden maintenance service.

Next Steps

For more information about all our grow your own and garden maintenance services in Edinburgh and the surrounding area and to discuss your individual requirements please contact us here.