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Garden Design

Garden design

Garden design is the key to achieving a healthy and thriving garden. Whatever the size and shape of your garden, a thoughtful garden design is one of the most important factors in ensuring that it goes on flourishing year after year.

That’s why we offer a complete garden design service at Greenspace Landscapes. Starting with an initial consultation to assess your individual requirements, we will create a unique design proposal for your garden. As professional landscape gardeners in Edinburgh and the surrounding area we will carry out the full construction of your garden and provide you with a detailed planting plan. Our locally-operated garden design service also includes a commitment to the long term after care and maintenance of your garden with visits made to assess its development after completion. Throughout the process we will continue to discuss your individual needs and provide you with a variety of ideas and images to meet your requirements.

As well as a complete garden design service, Greenspace Landscapes are very happy to quote for the construction of gardens designed by your own garden designer or even by yourself. You can find more information on our range of landscape gardening services here

Our bespoke garden design service comprises the following key stages:

Initial consultation

The initial consultation gives us a chance to visit your garden for a preliminary inspection and discuss your garden design requirements. At the consultation we will present some ideas and images based on your requirements and the site itself and begin the design process. Following the consultation a project brief and design estimate are drawn up and sent for your approval.

Site survey

Once the preliminary garden design proposals are accepted, we will conduct a full survey of your garden. For more complex sites a surveyor may be required to aid in the planning of construction and ensure that any impact to utilities and drainage at the site is accounted for. The site survey allows us to understand your space better and create a fully bespoke garden design.

Garden design proposals

Following the site survey a set of detailed design proposals will be drawn up for discussion. Alterations are made to the design proposals throughout the garden design process in accordance with your individual requirements before the final proposal is presented and agreed upon. Throughout this process we are committed to ensuring that you are 100% satisfied with your final garden design before going on to begin the construction of your garden.

Attention to detail

Depending on the specific details of your bespoke garden design, construction and setting out drawings may be required prior to construction.

Garden construction

Once all the required designs are agreed upon, the team at Greenspace Landscapes will go on to perform the construction of your garden. Having already undertaken the extensive and detailed garden design process, including any site specific surveys, the construction of your garden by our professional landscape gardeners should be simple and efficient. Throughout the construction process we will continue to consult with you to ensure you are satisfied at every stage.

Planting plan

At the end of the garden construction process, the Greenspace Landscape gardeners will have got to know your new garden well and will be able to produce a detailed planting plan for you identifying a planting schedule specific to your garden design. This includes location suggestions for the plants in your new garden as well as plant numbers, spacing recommendations and a garden maintenance schedule.


No garden design service is complete without a commitment to the long term aftercare of your garden. As part of our garden design service, the gardeners at Greenspace Landscapes will visit your garden over the first few years of its growth to check on its overall development. We can also offer a regular garden maintenance service for your garden if required. Take a look at our garden maintenance services and professional lawn care programme for more information.

Next Steps

For more information about all aspects of our comprehensive garden design service in Edinburgh and the surrounding area and to discuss your individual requirements please contact us here.