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Organic Lawn Care Service

18th May 2012 | Ruairidh MacDonald | Blog

We are pleased to introduce our new lawn care services which are now available in Edinburgh.

Extensive research over the last 10 years has led to the development of natural and sustainable products which are now recognised and used for the maintenance and management of professional sports surfaces such as golf greens, premier league football pitches, tennis courts and now residential lawns throughout the UK.

Using these products, our maintenance strategy actively supports and promotes the natural biota of soil biology nature intended to achieve high quality lawns.

Some of the pitfalls of using a synthetic nitrogenous fertiliser are:-
Causes harm to the soil-friendly microbes, upsetting the natural balance needing more applications as the deterioration accelerates.
Creates thatch problems which can harbour pests, disease and hinder drainage.
Limits ‘deep rooting’ as the grass becomes lazy since it isn’t searching for a food source or moisture.
Weakens the grass by forcing rapid growth.

Our natural products work by feeding the billions of friendly microbes, the bacteria and fungi that depend on and support each other to enhance soil and plant health. The benefits of using these products are:-
Stronger, more resilient grass sward.
All year round natural even colour.
Reduced growth rates therefore, less mowing.
Pet friendly, all products are non-hazardous.

To book a FREE lawn care health check please contact the Greenspace team.